ADP / Lifion Talent Apps

Performance Reviews

A revised version of the ADP / Lifion Talent Apps are part of a comprehensive suite of HR tools that focus on identifying, retaining, and rewarding internal talent. This design focuses on a Peformance Review app. Each cycle the employees and managers are given reflective questions to answer regarding the employee's performance.

Employee Self Reviews

Manager Reviews

Admin Setup - Question Sets

The questions are configurable by a company's HR specialist. Question are saved into reusable questions sets of questions for both employee employee and manager to answer, and can be added to plan templates for application in each review cycle.

Admin Setup - Plan Templates

Question sets are added to Plans which are used to define an audience in the form of one or more Org units, and a rating scale for the employees to evaluate themselves. Clients can also layer in additional Talent data from other platform products like Multi-rater feedback, Goals, Priorities, and more.

Admin Setup - Review Cycles

Plans are added to Cycles which contain start and end dates for completion. Associates and Manager are notified when a cycle opens and closes.