Quri Customer Dashboard


A revised version of the Quri customer dashboard for viewing retail audit data, integrating the previous job-specific and campaign views into a single interface.

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As usage of the customer dashboard grew, we were able to offer a new campaign view for customers running multiple or repeating jobs. While this was originally a separate interface from the standard job view, it became apparent that both versions duplicated similar content. This is the new integrated design, which combines the relevant features of both.


The 'filters' and 'features' sections were also reversed - with filters moved to the x-axis and features moved to the left rail. This allows for a more optimized experience for toggling between the feature views, and also accommodates scalability of future feature additions.

Store Viewer

The store view was also eliminated and moved into a store details overlay which could be accessed by selecting a store from the photos, list, or map views. This allows the user to view store details and toggle between stores without leaving the job or campaign screen.